SOLDOUTcast began as the brainchild of two friends, Mike Tomes and Aaron Kenney. The first episode was released in April 2010. The biweekly series featured one or more guests that covered a wide range of topics that mostly focused on a mix of current events and general nerdom.

Beginning with episode 100, Aaron retired as co-host. He was replaced by frequent guests Nick Waller and Corey Capps. Mike, Nick, and Corey recorded sixty-four episodes together over the next two years. Near the end of 2015, personal life commitments forced a retooling of the show, with Corey and Nick stepping down as co-hosts.

Today, SOLDOUTcast is hosted by Mike with occassional help from guests, whether over skype or live in studio. However, most episodes are simply the rants and raves of one man detailing his journey through life and the outbursts that follow when he’s forced to interact with the outside world.


Born in the far away land of Southern Indiana, Mike was part of that last generation that grew up unsupervised, allowed to run a gauntlet of danger on a daily basis. Riding bikes without helmets, jumping those bikes off ramps built from scrap wood and rusty nails, buying firecrackers without a parent, blowing things up with those firecrackers. Living life like a child should—kids that survived the 80s were made of sterner stuff.

He graduated high school with the potential to make a difference in the world, but illness prevented him from attending college. Faced with the burden of finding gainful employment, Mike did the only sensible thing a man could do in his position: He met a girl and ran away to New York City.

A year later, he dragged himself back home. The Big Apple had chewed him up, given him a wicked case of mononucleosis, and tossed him back to the Ohio Valley. Over the next few years, he spent his time as a middle manager for monotony. It was during this time that the first episodes of SOLDOUTcast were recorded with the original co-host, Aaron.

Eventually, Mike settled down and got married, because that’s what people are supposed to do by thirty. Unfortunately, it didn’t take. To quote the philosopher Patricia Benatar, love is a battlefield. Once again single, Mike was cast back into the dating world.

It wasn’t long after that another relationship ended. Aaron left as co-host of SOLDOUTcast after 99 episodes. Searching to find a new compadre who knew how to rock, Mike found two: Corey Capps and Nick Waller. Together, the three recorded 163 episodes. SOLDOUTcast went on a scheduled hiatus, during which Corey and Nick left the podcast. Beginning with 164, Mike became the sole host and continues to rock the microphone for SOLDOUTcast.

Outside of SOLDOUTcast, Mike is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator, which basically means he has no one to blame but himself when things don’t work out. Working for the man, it turns out, has its advantages. He has an angel of a girlfriend that puts up with his constant outrage at everything, and together they have two dogs and a cat.

Released On March 25, 2010